Сваты 5 night angel минусовка / (Сваты 5) Night Angel - My Ariel

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Standing along on the mountain high Watching the sky... Can this falling rain settle and ease my pain? Where are you, my love, my Ariel? I still remember your amber eyes, Enchanting smile... May be that was a dream, so why do I cry and scream? I miss you, my love, my Ariel. I keep searching days and nights Hope one day I'll se the light You and me will be together again. Autumn winds blow to my face Thunder roars, where's that place That saves my soul and cures my pain? My life has passed, all my search in vain... Elusive dreams. I make the final bow, now is my turn to go I'm coming to you, my Ariel. I kept searching days and nights Hoped one day I'd see the light You and me would be together again. Lightning strikes, I hear no sound After all these years I've found That sacred place that cures my pain...

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